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what is the mean of 알아들을 수 있게 and 꺼냈다 in this sentense

그 어른이 알아들을 수 있게 브리지니, 골프니, 정치니, 넥타이니 하는 이야기를 꺼냈다

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    꺼냈다 in this sentence means 'Brought up a conversation topic'.
    알아들을 수 있게 means 'Enable him to understand'.
    He brought up conversation topics such as bridge(?), golf, politics, ties, which enable him to understand.
    It's not perfect though. :'(

    꺼냈다 ㅡmeans that 'to pick it out (from)' ex. 주머니에서 유리 구슬을 꺼냈어( pick a glass ball out from a pocket) if you got it, you can imagine , the little prince picked topics(a glass ball) out from his thought(pocket)

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