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can i say しつれいします

if i enter to in my 差長の室 can i say "しつれいします.." and than if i want to leave he's room, what must i say?

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    Actually, you can say しつれいします both on entering and leaving.

    On entering,
    1 knock
    2 wait the boss to say "Please come in. "
    3 say しつれいします
    4 open the door and enter.
    5 close the door quietly, bow

    When leaving,
    1 wrap up whatever the conversation you had with your boss
    with something like「ありがとうございました」or「よろしくおねがいします」
    2 make sure the boss is expecting you to leave
    3 say「では、しつれいします」, go to the door, bow, open the door, leave, close the door quietly.

    しつれいしました is used when you did something inappropriate mistakenly.

    When you enter the room. しつれいします。
    and when you leave the room. しつれいしました.。← past form (?)

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