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What's the differences between "에" and "(으)로) when talking about direction/destination?

Hello everyone!
Well, I've already goggled this question, but all explanaitions aren't really clear :( . That's why this difference is pretty subtle for me and I'm not sure whether I should use "에" or "(으)로" in different situations.

As I understood :
식당으로 - TOWARDS restaurant. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to come in, For example : I'm calling to my friend and say - "Hey dude, go toward the restaurant, I'll wait you there". Here I use 로 to make it clear that I will wait for my friend somewhere near the entrance, not inside.
And as for 식당에 - inside the restaurant (go IN the restaurant)

^ Are my examples correct? Are there any more aspects? I'm not sure, sooo... I beg for the help of Korean speakers!
정말 감사합니다!

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    Right :)

    으로 is quite like towards as you've said
    에 means directly going into somewhere

    For example,

    1. 내가 공원으로 가고 있는데 다친 고양이를 발견했어.
    While I was going to the park, I found an injured cat.

    2. 내가 공원에 갔는데 다친 고양이를 발견했어.
    I went to the park and found an injured cat.

    So the two sentences are obviously different: the first one only intended to go while the second one really went to.

    Also note the use of the verb.
    With 으로, we use 'ongoing' verbs
    while with 에, we use verbs which imply 'finished action'.

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