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Can anyone give me the Portuguese equivalents?

Hey everyone, here are a few expressions that I would like to teach in my ESL class tomorrow but I would also like to give the Portuguese equivalent. I am not looking for a literal translation but instead the equivalent slang or expression that would be used in Portuguese (Sao Paulo if possible lol). Thanks!
1. Carefree/Worry-free
2. Livin' the life/Livin' it up
3. Set in their ways
4. Head in the clouds
5. Always on the go

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
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    Hello! I second Ana Letícia's suggestions, but I'll add some. But because slangs are tough stuff for a foreigner and I'm not completely sure if the way I'd use these English slangs myself is correct, I'll write down some examples so you can judge how appropriate the expressions are. I am from São Paulo countryside by the way, so people from different parts of the country would propably use these slangs differently.

    2 - Aproveitando a vida / Curtindo a vida
    eg: Você é muito nova para se casar, você deveria curtir a vida! (You're too young to get married, you should live it up!)
    4 - Avoado / Viver/estar no mundo da lua
    eg: Ele vive no mundo da lua! (He's always with his head in the clouds.)
    Desculpe, você pode repetir, por favor? Eu estou meio avoado hoje. (I'm sorry, could you repeat, please? I kinda have my head in the clouds today.)
    5 - Sempre pra lá e pra cá
    eg: Quem me dera meu marido passasse mais tempo em casa - ele está sempre pra lá e pra cá! ( I wish my husband would spend more time at home - he's always on the go!)


    For slangs, I can give you 1 and 4:
    1) Cuca-fresca 4) Cabeça nas nuvens

    1- Despreocupado;
    2- Vivendo a vida;
    4- Cabeça nas nuvens;
    5- Always on the go may be "Sempre com pressa".

    Portuguese from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are the same, we just have some different slangs.

    1. Carefree/Worry-free: despreocupado, quem não está com a consciência tranquila.
    2. Livin' the life/Livin' it up: aproveitando a vida, curtindo a vida (gíria mais usada).
    3. Set in their ways: inflexível, quem não muda de opinião ou de estilo de vida facilmente.
    4. Head in the clouds: cabeça nas núvens, quem vive sonhando acordado.
    5. Always on the go: sempre atarefado, quem vive apressado devido ao trabalho ou outras obrigações diárias.

    4\ cabeça na lua 5\ sempre com pressa

    2. Aproveitando a vida
    4. Avoado / Cabeça nas nuvens

    Se tiver mais dúvidas, entre em contato comigo. Te ajudo no que puder =)

    If you have more questions, and I can help you, contact me =)

    1. Despreocupada, numa boa;
    2. Curtindo a vida;
    3. ???
    4. Voando.
    5. ???

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