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What is the difference? Some examples would be very useful

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    For me , lately and recently have quite different meaning.

    I find the difference in the duration of the{ events or circumstances}they are refering to. the important thing is the context
    I think recently denotes short duration , while lately refers to something that could be happening for long time. Also, recently can refer to something happened in a specific moment.
    Now see the context and pay attention to those examples:
    I've been living in the countryside lately.
    I've met John recently.

    I've finished the book recently.
    Lately, I've been reading about New Zealand.
    I wish you have understood what I meant

    It's a synonym.
    No difference.
    Ex: Answers recently received.
    Answers lately received.

    But there is one difference between them which should be considered important as it is.
    We can use Recently in present simple but, we cannot use Lately in present simple.
    eg=>She goes to gym recently.

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