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What is the difference between "صحت"and "بهداشت"( and "صحت" is pronounced like saht?)

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    I don't agree with mkoodak4's idea about the meaning of "صحت". Actually the word "accuracy" means "دقّت" in the Farsi language.

    "صِحَت" (/sehᴂt/) means "سَلامتی" and is about well-being and general health of a human body or less commonly of other things against illnesses, injuries, etc.. It's meaning is exactly opposite to the meaning of "sickness" (= مَریضی or مَرَض).
    That was the most common meaning of it. But if you use it for other things like an answer to a difficult problem, then "صحت" means "correctness" which is close to the meaning of being healthy for that answer. But generally "صحت" has a meaning similar to "being healthy" and "lack of any corruption" and sth like that.

    "بهداشت" (/behda:ᶴt/) in English means "hygiene" and is about keeping every thing clear from germs and bacteria.
    We have "personal hygiene"(=بهداشت فردی) which means to wash your hands before eating your meal, taking a shower everyday, brushing your teeth everyday etc. so that you can keep away from illnesses and keep your body clean.

    "صحت" is pronounced like "sehat"
    Accuracy = صحت
    cleanliness = بهداشت یا پاکیزگی
    for exampl:
    ما باید بهداشت را رعایت کنیم.

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