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So the question is: 子供のとき、何になりたかったですか。

Could someone explain to me why it is: 何に and not 何が ?
Could we use 何が instead of 何に in this example? Would the meaning change?
And last but not least, in my answer should I say ''Aになりたかったです’’ or ''Aがなりたかったです’’ ?

Thanks in advance!

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    "なる" means "become" and takes "に". "What did you want to become when you were a kid?" I like to think of it as "turn (in)to" to remember the "ni" part of it. "子供は大人になった" "The child became (turned into) an adult." "何が" would do weird "What wanted to become..." things to your sentence, which I think are ungrammatical.

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