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I have some questions upon a love letter ...

I'm reading a love letter from Alfred de Musset to Amantine Aurore Dudevant; written in 1833, and I want to understand every phrase written here.

He wrote to her:
( But let me have this letter, containing nothing but your love; and tell me that you give me your lips, your hair, all that face that I have possessed, and tell me that we embrace-you and I!
O God, O God, when I think of it, my throat closes, my sight is troubled, my knees fail. Ah, it is horrible to die, it is also horrible to love like this! What longing, what longing I have for you! I beg you to let me have the letter I ask, I am dying.
Farewell. )
1- what does possessed mean (in simple English)? < is it [OWN]?
2- what does embrace mean? < is it [Have]?
3- why is he mentioning death? is he comparing love to death?
4- what letter is he talking about? could you explain this please?

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    1. possess = own, have
    2. embrace = hug
    3. I think he is comparing the feeling of dying to the desperate feeling and torture of being in love
    4. I think he sends her this letter begging her to reply to him with another letter, where she would accept his love, or something like that..

    Possessed means controlled, as if by a demon, or crazed.

    You might say, "I'm possessed by that man!"
    That would mean he's ALWAYS on your mind; you're crazed by him. :)

    It can mean hug, as in "She was received in a warm embrace." Or it can mean to accept, as in " He embraced the challenge to eat 100 hot dogs."

    He is dying, but he is in pain, and he is in pain waiting for her that's why he is in pain, and he is comparing it to death because, it's the same feeling as he is dying

    the letter he is talking about is the one you have put down, he is telling her his love for her is like death.

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