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how do you use "truth", "fact" and "reality" ?

how do you use "truth", "fact" and "reality" ?

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    I guess
    Truth is the opposite of Lie,
    Fact is the opposite of Fiction
    Reality is the opposite of Imagination

    Now, tell me the truth. Was it you who ate the cookies?

    The dollar has reached an all-time high? Is that a fact, or did you just hear someone say it would?

    Science is about separating fact from fiction.
    China is big. It is a fact, you can check it anywhere & get the same answer.

    I know it is nice to think about having lots of money, but we must deal with the reality that we have to live economically.
    He used to day-dream a lot. Reality only forced its way into his world on occasions.
    The page says the car will reach 100km per hour in 7 seconds, but in reality it is not that fast.
    He felt rich & powerful, but the reality of the situation was that he was just a minor official.

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