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How to say "花心" in English? Play girl? Please help!

I know for boys they will be called "play boy", how about girls?

"花心" is like a person who's unfaithful to a relationship. But in my mind, it's not only in relationships. For example, if I saw a good looking guy, I will say "wow... he's so handsome, I love him! " And the other day I see a cute boy, I am totally into him and I say "Oh my God, he's so cute, I wish I was his girlfriend. " And the other day of the other day I see a tall strong man with a sweet smile, then I say "Oh, he melt my heart! "

It's a situation that a girl is changing so fast, of course my examples are exactly girls' dreams, lol... So shall we call her a "play girl"? If not, how can we call her?

I appreciate for your kind help, thank you in advance! Have a nice day! :)

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    You can just say that you're "guy/girl crazy", "shallow", or "fickle".

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