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oesophagus, intestine, guts, bowels


What is the difference between these verbs? Which one is more used and in what cases/when should I use them ?

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Thank you, Nanren888. Obviously, I mean "...between these nouns"

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    They are parts of the digestive system.

    The digestive system is made up of something called (the digestive tract + other organs) that help the body break down and absorb food.

    The digestive tract consists of (mouth, Throat, ESOPHAGUS and the INTESTINES )

    This figure may help you to understand more:

    so the ''ESOPHAGUS'' is a part of the digestive tract and it's basically a narrow tube that carries food and liquid from the throat into the stomach.

    The ''INESTINES'' is the same as the ''BOWELS'' it's the part that goes from the stomach to the back passage (anus).

    You can use the word in this way for instance: ''They removed two feet of his large intestine in the operation.''

    Regarding the The word ''GUT'', I noticed that sometimes it's used to refer to the whole(digestive tract) and sometimes -especially in the plural form-is used to reffer to the intestines, so , I'm not really sure what exaclty it means.However, It's important to metion that the word ''GUT'' is also used in a metaphorical ways.

    For example if someone said ''lose your gut !'' he means''lose the fat around your stomach.''


    There are really quite different parts of the inner organs, so I suggest taking the time to look up each one separately.

    For example, the oesophagus comes before the stomach, and the intestines after.

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