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OK, so the dates are agreed, but _____ question of the budget to discuss.

A. there’s still a
B. there’s still the
Note: Why A. can’t be the answer?

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    The speaker appears to be talking about a previously defined "question", so you would use "the". This "question" was raised before and the speaker is bringing it up again - it's a known issue. So again, "the" is appropriate.

    Now, if it wasn't previously discussed, the speaker might say..

    OK, so the dates are agreed, but I have a question about the budget to discuss.


    the question OF THE BUDGET

    If a modifying word, phrase, or clause follows the noun and makes it clear which
    specific person or thing you are referring to you should use the definite article.
    But not every noun that is modified in this way is definite; it depends largely on the situation and on what you can reasonably expect your listener/reader to know about.

    In a business meeting you would expect the participants to understand which budge you are referring to when you say: the question of THE BUDGET.

    Otherwise you would say: a question of A BUDGET.

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