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what does "jerk somebody" mean?

I couldn't find it in any dictionary..

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    hmm... now where did you hear language like that? :) it's a bit rude and I doubt you'd find it in most dictionary... at least not the "oxford english dictionary" and if you did, there would be a note saying "slang"... it means to masturbate a guy with well most likely your hands... (can't believe i'm answering this...)

    How was it used? The word jerk, is used to describe someone who is acting mean or rude. Example; "Scott is being a jerk".
    Or, jerk can also be used to mean joking around, fooling with someone. If you tell someone a story and the reply, "are you jerking me?" Means they suspect your story to be false.

    "Jerk" is another way of calling someone annoying. E.g. "You are such a jerk!" = "You are so annoying!" You can just use it to swear at someone like you would do with other words such as 'asshole', 'jackass', 'idiot' etc.

    This could also mean "jerking somebody around" which would mean that...

    for example: Mike is a car salesman and is being very difficult in selling cars to me. He kept telling me wrong prices, and had me guessing things that he should have told me. Mike is then "jerking me around" because he seems to be able to control what I am doing by his non-respectful ways.

    To "jerk around" (i.e., "stop jerking me around") is a colloquial term meaning to lead someone on to believing something which is not true, or to tease, or to falsely state, as in a lie. A "jerk" is a noun, which refers to someone who is rude, thoughtless, etc. To "jerk off" which is a noun phrase, refers to a male masturbating. However, a "jerkoff" could also refer to a person who you think is an idiot.
    sorry...that was "verb phrase" :-)

    to jerk is also to make a fast motion, in physics it means the change in acceleration, but someone can jerk you onto the road, or jerk something out of your hand. A machine can have a jerk-y motion meaning it starts and stops suddenly.
    To jerk someone off is to give that special someone a handjob...

    I got it. It's really not a good word.

    Also, try if you can't find the meaning in a tradional dictionary.
    nathanksimpson, please combine all of your answers with "somebody"

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