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O que função o faccionarios?

Plz answer in English.. I just I cannot understand protuguese very well...
What are the function and meaning of faccionarios?
like---meio, terco, quarto, quinto, sexto.......etc.

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    If you say "um quarto, um quinto ou um oitavo", você está querendo dizer 1/4, 1/5 and so on.
    A half (1/2) is said like "meio", e não "um meio".
    Smaller parts are preceded by "um", e.g. "um terço, um quarto...";
    Portions smaller than 1/0: 1/11 = "um onze avos, um doze avos...";

    I know "fracionário", that means a fractional number or portion.

    The correct form is fracionário. A part of the all.

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