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Portuguese verbs.Brazilian or Portugal


Hey! I am studying Portuguese through an online service that shows the following conjugation for morar:
eu moro nos moramos
voce mora voces moram
ele/ela mora eles/elas moram
When looking for worksheets I found this:
29. morar : to live or reside
eu : moro :nos moramos
voce: moras :voces morais
ele/ela: mora :eles/elas moram
I think the difference is one is Portuguese and the other is Brazilian. Am I completely wrong in this aspect? Please explain which is Brazilian and which is Portugal. Is one of them completely wrong? obrigado!

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    Olá! Both in European and Brazilian Portuguese, the conjugation of the verb MORAR is the same. The only thing that changes is that in the European Portuguese they often use the personal pronoun TU. So the conjugation would be Eu moro/Tu moras/Ele-Ela-Você mora/Nós moramos/Eles-Elas-Vocês moram. Therefore, I think the second conjugation you showed is wrong: the right would be "tu" moras instead of "você moras" e "vós morais" instead of "vocês morais", but the pronoun vós, by convention, is not taught to students of Portuguese as second language, so you don't need to learn it.

    eu, tu , ele/ela, nós, vós, eles/elas - are the Personal Pronouns.

    For the present tense of "Morar":
    eu moro, tu moras, ele/ela mora, nós moramos, vós morais, eles moram.

    For better understanding of the personal pronouns please see this:

    instead of voce(s), you should have in the sheet: tu and vós

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