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"Deitar luto" significa "Usar luto"?

No caso de "luto - Roupa usada em funerais".

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    I believe the other person abouve answered your question very well.
    But when you say "usar luto" speaking of clothes for funerals, it is closely related to the black. So you usually will prefer use black clothes in this case, but when you will tell anybory how you feel, you can say "eu estou de luto" to express how much you're sad to lose the person you loved.
    Espero ter ajudado. If you have another question, just ask.
    Bons estudos!

    Hi , the setence is not correct ,"LUTO" in portuguese mean when you feel bad , for someone died.
    When you use "Deitar" only , the people thinking you go sleep now, but there are other possibilites but the main is that. The correct form to say is " Eu estou de Luto " . Espero ter ajudado

    Hello, let me help you a little!
    There is no such expression in brazilian portuguese as "deitar luto" nor "usar luto". "Luto" means grief, if you are grieving for someone who died, then the expression would be "Estou de luto". Check this example out: "Eu estou usando preto porque estou de luto pela minha avó." Meaning "I'm wearing black because I'm grieving for my grandmother."
    The brazilian portuguese does not have a specific word for the grieving clothes, we just say we're using black. However, in a funeral, the dead guy's clothes have a specific name, "mortalha".
    I hope it helped, tchau!

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