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What does it mean? When do you say that?


That you are.

Does it mean; You're always like that.

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    X: I am very hard-working.
    Y: That you are.

    In other words: You are that. ("That" = you are hard-working)

    X: My country is very beautiful.
    Y: That it is. (It is that. "That" = your country is beautiful)


    It means something like: Yes, I agree with THAT which you have just said.


    Mona: I want to marry X.
    Mona's parents: We do not want you to marry X.
    Mona: But he is very nice.
    Mona's parents: That he is! But we still do not want you to marry him. We want you to marry someone who is very intelligent. And X is, well, not too intelligent.

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