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I was trying to translate a phrase:
いつせん てんめを NewYorkに しゅつてんする ことになり、。。。
As I understand, this means that they are opening 1000th store in NewYork.
I was wondering there was simple words instead of "しゅつてんする ことになり".
The simplest one...

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    ことになり or こととなり is used to soften the tone of the statement. Literally translated it means something like "things have come to a situation where..." but it actually doesn't sound as clumsy or horrible in Japanese. People use it often (probably too often) in announcements, speeches and other forms of gibberish because they believe it makes them sound a little cultured and classy.

    But then I might have said too much. It's really nothing, really, kind of like saying "they will be opening a store" in place of "they are going to open a store" in English, and the first one sounds a little softer. I'm sure there are similar expressions in Korean but my limited Korean is useless...


    ・・・ことになり = ....게 되어
    結婚することになりました。= 결혼하게 되었습니다.

    More or less, it's something like this =)

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