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What is the difference between 昼寝 and うたた寝?


From my understanding, they both mean nap. What is the difference between the two? 何がちがいますか?

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    They are interchangeable in some cases, but I would say hirune is a preferred choice when you intentionally set aside some time to take a nap. Uatatane is more like falling asleep without intending to.

    昼寝 means sleep in the afternoon.
    うたた寝 Is nap.

    昼 = afternoon
    寝 = sleep

    昼寝, also called 午睡, means a midday nap. You may want to use these words when you sleep during daytime.

    うたた寝 means falling asleep for a short time without knowing. You can use this word either in the daytime or at night.

    昼寝 is consciously taking a nap during day time during short time; on the contrary, うたた寝 is unconsciously falling asleep.
    For example of 昼寝, u try to sleep during day time when u don't have anything to do, consciously; and for うたた寝, if u take a bus, and ur destination is not so far away, u might try not to sleep; but, u already pass the destination when u realize next moment cuz u fall asleep, unconsciously.
    I hope these examples work for u to understand the difference:)
    Good luck with ur studying:)

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