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are these sentences same in meaning?please


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    To me, 我们不是要去吃饭吗? implies that somebody in the group(=我们) said they were going eat, or at least the speaker thought it was in their plans to have a meal. Afterwords he realized they were not going to eat any time soon so he said "我们不是要去吃饭吗?" (what happened to eating? Didn't we agreed to eat first?)

    我们不要去吃饭吗? is simply suggesting they eat. (it's about time we ate)

    same meaning in most situations。
    去 can express the intent。so 去吃饭 = 要去吃饭

    A little different between them。
    是个反问句。if A said this, A must confirmed with B, but B changed his/her mind, or forgot. same as: how can you forget such important thing ?! -- eating, obviously, A is a little angry with B

    -- 我们不要去吃饭吗?
    Just a suggestion

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