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May I know what is 거짓말 내기???

I'm reading a story.
It says there was a 부자 영감님 and he liked 거짓말 내기.
Can you please tell me what's that??

Thank you!

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    거짓말 내기라고 하면 친구들과 함께 내기를 하는 겁니다. 거짓말을 가지고요. 속이는 대상이 거짓말인지 모를것이다? 아니면 거짓말인지 다 알것이다? 처럼 두가지로 의견이 나눠져서 내기를 하는 겁니다. 거짓말인지 파악하면 내가 네게 진거고, 거짓말인지 모르고 속으면 내가 네게 이긴거야. 이런식의 게임입니다.

    I give you an example.

    I started a rumor that these days, I am seeing Yuna Kim who are the best in figure skating. Actually it is not true. One day, my friend and me would like to fool my other friends into trusting the fact, because it is really fun. However, My friend and me disagreed this time. So I said we could fool them, but my friend said not. My friend proposed me to make a bet. If we could con them, I would win. On the contrary, the reverse is the case. Winner takes loser's money we bat.

    It's kind of game.

    I hope this will help you.
    (If I am help to you, please click the best answer! : ))

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