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Can someone explain the different French verb tenses?

Par exemple: Mettre
Present - je mets / Present subjunctive - je mette
Perfect- j' ai mis / Imperfect - je mettais
Future - je mettrai / Conditional - je mettrais

What is the difference between these tenses?

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    Hello !
    Your question is a bit complicated for this limited forum. You should refer to a French comprehensive grammar book.
    Here are a few indications though.

    "Présent" is quite clear : the action is being done : Je mets = I'm putting...

    For the past, we have two tenses : "imparfait" : the action has developed in the past and has lasted a certain time. The stress is put on the process : "je mettais" = I was putting...
    "Passé simple" = the action happened in the past at a precise time, but the stress here is put also on the fact that it's definitely over and done. "J'ai mis" = I put...

    "Le futur" : the action will take place in the future. "Je mettrai" : I will put..

    "Le conditionnel" indicates that the action will take place in the future, if required conditions are present. "Je mettrais" : "I would put...,IF..."

    As to the subjunctive, check it in a grammar book, please !

    Hope it helps anyway. Jean Paul

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