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what are difference between 移动&挪动?please both of them meaning "Remove"

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    I think they both mean MOVE 移动,挪动。 REMOVE means 移除,移开,移走。

    Move your feet 移动一下脚
    Your feet removed ( it's scary thing,isn't it) which means your feet will be amputated or chopped off:(
    Remove the old wallpaper 移除旧的墙纸
    Move the old wallpaper 移动旧的墙纸

    挪动 implies that something you move is heavy, so you need to try very hard to move it. I think budge is the right word for 挪动 in most of the cases.

    挪动 means you move something which is very heavy and you hardly raise up it .
    移动 just means move .

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