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does "his day was made "mean "he felt he has no pity in his life?"

Jim Hosty, the local FBI agent in charge of Lee Oswalds file, had his wish. He saw Kennedy from the curb and then stepped into the Alamo Grill for lunch. His day, he felt, was made.

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    His day was complete, fulfilled. He can look back on that day and say that it was a very good day. The fact that he had seen Kennedy made it a very good day for him (at the time, of course).
    Sometimes we say it sarcastically. If a number of bad things happen and one final disaster occurs, we might say sarcastically, "Oh, great! This just makes my day."
    In the example above, the meaning is not sarcastic. The agent, at the time, was quite happy with how his day was going.

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