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Tit for Tat!

Hi guys, today, my question is about" tit for tat"!
I would like to know:

1) what it exactly means!
2)when and where I can use it!
3) and also I need to know if it can be any discourses to use it in any situation!

OK, guys thanks a lot in advance for your great helps!

Regards ;)

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    1) "tit for tat" means something equivalent given in retaliation or in return. Example: John frequently insults Mary. When he insults her, Mary insults John in return. In other words, Mary responds tit for tat to John's insults. Example: County A raises its tariffs on goods from Country B. So Country B raises its tariffs in an equivalent amount on the import of goods from Country A. That is, Country B raised its tariffs tit for tat.

    2) and 3) You can use it in any situation where you need to express the idea of giving an equivalent in retaliation or in return.

    1) It means you return something with same (bad) attitude as it was gave to you or with same (bad) purpose.
    2) You can say: "My friend didn't call me tonight. I think it is tit for tat because I forgot to give her back her notes yesterday".
    3) I don't hear it often but I am pretty sure it shouldn't be used in formal speaking. It should be used among friends and not teacher or parents and such. Well depends on how open minded people are to sum up.

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