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Do you find it hard to memorise English words?

Hi I'm from China and I've been learning English. I don't feel like memorizing words. I find it hard to learn a new word because you must not only memorize the spelling but also the Chinese meaning. Even though I remember one ,I easily forget it just a couple of days later...Is there any good ways?

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    Hi Molly , i think u should make sentences from the new words, u learn,,, and after i think this words will come automatically to your mind,,,,,,,nevertheless it helps me.....good luck

    When you're on bus or train you can think of how to say few words in english. If you don't remember it is okay, just check when you can. Don't be upset if you don't remember at first. Repeat word few times and try recalling word next day. You can do that with as many words you feel you can handle. But I recommend you learn no more than 7 new words per day.

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