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which letter sound is considered first or last and which vowels sound to use in a word.

For the word 고구마 "ko-gu-ma" how can I tell when the Hangul letter ㄱ for "g/k" is to be pronounced first as a "g" or last as a "k".

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    고 in 고구마 sounds more like a 'k' than a hard 'g'. With that being said, usually at the beginning of words like 고 in this case, it's pronounced as a 'k'. As for 구, because it is in the middle of the word, it sounds more like a 'g'. When ㄱ is the last consonant of a character like 박 in 대박, it kinddddddd of sounds like a 'k', but its sound is cut short. So, it's like you're going to start pronouncing the English 'k', but you cut yourself short so that you don't make an airy/aspirated sound at the end. Hahaha, I hope you get what I mean.

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