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help knowing letter sounds first and last

I need help knowing which letter sound is considered first or last and which vowels sound to use in a word.

For the word 고구마 "ko-gu-ma" how can I tell when the Hangul letter ㄱ for "g/k" is to be pronounced first as a "g" or last as a "k". That word 고구마 when written looks like it should be "ko-KU-ma" not "ko-GU-ma".

Also, why is the ㅗ vowel pronounced as "oh" also pronounced as "ew" and how can I know what sound applies when?

Thanks for any help!

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    ko-KU-ma 코쿠마.

    고구마(sweet potato) is pronounced as "Go Goo Ma".
    고국(one's homeland) is pronounced as "Go Gook"

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