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How to say "or" in Turkish?

I've seen "ya... ya da", "yoksa" and "veya" to mean "or", when should I use each of them?

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    yada and veya means or and both of them are the same

    yoksa means if not or otherwise " I haven't seen it used as or " . when turkish people wants to say "or " they use yada veya " if it's in a sentence"

    if it's a question they repeat the question mark " mi" .

    for example :

    - iyi mi kötü mü ?!
    ( is it good or bad )

    - ne alacaksın ? uçak mı gemi mi ?!
    (what are you going to take ? plane or ship ?! )

    for example :

    sport yapmam lazım, yoksa şişman olacağım .
    ( I have to do sports , otherwise\ if not I'll become fat )

    I hope you understand it !! good luck

    You can use, "ya da" and "veya" :)

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