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Kinney, hugging the bumper of SS 100 X, was still keeping his eyes on Kennedy's head. Ken O'Donnell returned to his jump seat. 'What's the story on the time, Dave?" he asked Powers. "I've got 12:30," Powers replied. "That's not bad, considering the crowd. We're only five minutes late." In the front seat Emory Roberts radioed the Mart, "Halfback to Base. Five minutes to destination." He then wrote in his shift report: "12:35 pm President Kennedy arrived at Trade Mart."

【what does "What's the story on the time"mean?
what does "I've got 12:30"mean?
Halfback is a car in the motorcycle,what does "to Base" mean? 】

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    "What's the story on..." means basically "fill me in on", so here he is asking what the time is because they are late, and he wants to know what the situation with that is.

    When someone wants to know the time, you will often hear "I've got..." and then the time. It means what's what it says on whatever clock or watch you're looking at.

    Here is an example conversation to show how it's used: "Hey, what time have you got?" "I've got 5:34" "That's weird, I've got 5:20, I must need a new watch."

    "Base" is basically headquarters or where the main operation is. So they are speaking to whoever is at the main base of operations.

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