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does "vote off" mean "die"here?

I spot Stephanie walking next to Tracy. They’re close enough that their words float back to me. They’re arguing whether a hot dog counts as meat or some yet-to-be-discovered substance. Tracy wouldn’t eat a hot dog if her life depended on it. Not that I can imagine a situation where someone’s life would hinge on a hot dog, except maybe one of those reality shows where you have to eat weird things or else you’re voted off. Why am I thinking of hot dogs at a time like this?

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    No, "vote off" does not mean "die" here. In America, there is a plague (of epidemic proportions) of reality shows (e.g., Survivor) in which contestants must do all sorts of weird things so that viewers will vote to keep them on the next episode of the show. Those contestants who do not receive enough votes from the viewers must leave the show. In other words, they are "voted off" the show. I *never* watch any of these shows...


    No, it doesn't mean "die" here. It refers to a reality television show where people are put together on a deserted island and they must survive by doing weird things and they can be voted off the island by the others, which means expelled from playing the game any more.

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