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What are some good strategies for practicing any language?

For learning: French
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    (1) Be shameless and practice with a native speaker whenever possible. (2) Read. (3) Watch TV/listen to radio programs in the target language (possible and convenient with youtube and podcasts these days). (4) Write notebook entries in your target language here on this website. (5) Be open to corrections by well-meaning native speakers who help out on this and other websites (I find the rare individual who is not a native speaker and who argues with the corrections of a native speaker ... if a native speaker thinks something is wrong, there is a 99% chance that there is something unnatural or wrong about the sentence). (6) Find a significant other who speaks your target language as a native language!

    the most useful strategies to practise new language are: it
    2.listen it
    3.speak it with native speakers( make conversations...)
    4.practise it by making personal test....repitition....

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