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When to not use articles in front of possessive pronouns in Italian?

I know many words like this need the article such as "la mia casa" "il mio libro" but I know that you can't use it with some words too, like "mio padre" "mia madre" etc...

So, when is it needed?

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    Almost always the article is used in front of a possessive pronoun;
    there are a few exceptions, mostly related to family members, like:
    -- mio padre, mia madre, mia sorella, mio fratello,mia moglie, mio marito, mio nonno, mia nonna, casa mia (note the order!), mio cugino

    Take note of the following:
    -- la mia seconda moglie
    -- il mio fratello grande
    -- il mio fratello maggiore
    -- il mio padre spirituale

    i.e. when you are making a selection among a group via a qualifier, then the article is needed again.
    What about 'casa' ?

    ok: questa e` casa {mia , nostra}
    ok: questa e` la {mia, nostra} casa

    no: questa e` la casa {mia. nostra}
    no: questa e` {mia,nostra} casa

    (parenti: relatives; genitori: parents)
    ok: questi sono parenti miei
    ok: questi sono i parenti miei
    ok: questi sono i miei parenti
    ok: questi sono miei parenti
    ok: questi sono i miei gentitori (article is needed)

    with 'famiglia' you switch back to the general rule: the article is always needed
    before a possessive pronoun;

    Probably I left out some more exceptions, which don't come to my mind right now.

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