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How do you say "I try" or "I try to" in Italian?

Is it "provo" "provo di"
or "cerco" "cerco di"
example: "cerco il mio meglio"

correct or incorrect?

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    "Cercare di" is "to try" when it is followed by an infinitive.

    For example "Cerco di spiegare" : I try to explain. Your example, "cerco il mio meglio" means "I look (search) for my best", whereas I think you wanted "I try my best".

    Provare is followed by "a" plus an infinitive. So "Provo a spiegare" : I try to explain. You can see that the meaning is the same, but the usage is different.

    I hope this helped somewhat. I'm sure someone with much more skill in Italian (ie a native speaker) will come along and give a much better explanation! :)


    regarding you example, almost always we use this long expression:
    -- cerco di fare del mio meglio

    Other example:
    Non so se vi piace il risultato, ma ho fatto del mio meglio.

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