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Western is too more opening than our Chinese, aren't they????

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    Cultures are different.
    What one culture sees as normal or even expected, another sees as unusual or outrageous.
    Many Westerners would be aghast if asked by a stranger or recent acquaintance, their age or how much money they earn. Chinese people might seem far to open about such things. Similarly, the idea of a communal bath comes as far too open to many Westerners, as having little sense of modesty.
    Perhaps similarly, some cultures might think 14-year-old girls wearing makeup & talking casually of boy-friends might be considered normal in some places & outrageous in others.
    The treatment of women in some cultures seems to others restrictive, yet locally may seem the only proper way to behave.



    Nanren888-Uncle well explained for this. I am giving some more points on this topic. One of the biggest distinctions between Asians and Westerners is their different view on "individual", so we usually say Western culture values "individualism" and Asians values "collectivism". That's the reason why family reunion is the most important activity in all traditional festivals. That's the reason why we feel it's natural and normal to ask about one's privacy, like age, income and marriage status. All of these seems too open/direct to Westerners because these get too much in too their privacy (against their spirit of individualism)

    Another reason we Chinese feel Westerns are more open lies in the difference between low-context cultures and hight-context cultures, namely the difference between being direct and being indirect in communication. Chinese people prefer to speak their mind in highly indirect way; that means we seldom express our love or hate in a face-to-face situation. For example, if one doesn't like another or have different view against another's he wouldn't express his feeling or idea in public but keep it to himself or talk about that guy behind his back. That's the reason why we feel Westerners are more open than Chinese in expressing personal feeling and views.

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