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What's the difference between appreciation and thank ?

When someone wants to show thanks to mother,which is better ?What's the difference between them in emotion ?Does there exist other words or phrase to express this meaning ?

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    There is very slight difference between showing "appreciation" and "thanking" someone.

    Appreciation usually is a deeper, slightly more serious way of thanking someone and is often "shown", for example, to show your appreciation for your mother, you made her a bracelet.

    Thanking someone refers more to actually expressing your appreciation verbally. For example, saying thank you to your mother.

    So while the difference is minor, the main difference is in the "depth" or the "way" in which "appreciation" is communicated and to what level the appreciation is. You would not normally say something like "I appreciate all that you've done for me" to someone you don't know well or has only done something minor. That would be weird, You would say "thanks" or "thank you" (example, someone picks up something you dropped and gives it to you). Using "appreciate" or "appreciation" often implies a deeper meaning than just thanks, or thank you. Example, showing you appreciate your mother.

    Thanks - very little emotional attachment
    Thank you - some appreciation of an action, but not a huge emotional attachement
    I appreciate it - small level of emotional attachment, similar to Thank You but an emphasized version.
    I appreciate what you have done for me - A much deeper way to say that "Thank you for things you have done", it can mean something specific (for example someone helped you with a problem) or just generally (example someone who is always around and helps out).
    I truly appreciate all that you have done for me, thank you so much - Slightly "mushy" phrase, but something like this is quite a deep way of expressing appreciation, to only be said to a very close loved one. They will probably appreciate you saying it however :)

    I hope it helps :)

    One is a noun, the other is a verb.

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