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How to say I have already seen it in Tagalog?

If someone was talking about a movie and I wanted to say "I have already seen it" what is the correct Tagalog translation?


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    "Nakita ko na" + yung/yang/ang + (noun = what you've seen).
    "yung" and "yang" (that & this) are informal so you use them in casual/informal conversation, while "ang" is something you will most likely use in written Filipino (formal). "Yung" and "yang" are short forms of "iyong" and "iyang," but Filipinos don't really use the long form anymore since it sounds ancient. =)

    "Nakita ko na" + 'yon/'yan.
    "'yon" = that; "'yan" = that (short forms for iyon and iyan)
    used in informal conversation as well. the subject is already known to both speakers.

    "Napanood ko na" yung/yang/ang + (noun = what you've watched)
    "Napanood ko na" + 'yon/'yan.
    meaning you've watched it.

    * You use 'yon/'yan and 'yung/'yang instead of iyon/iyan and iyong/iyang, respectively, if you speak in Manila or standard Filipino accent. Using tha latter will make you sound unnatural since they are used in some Tagalog dialects only, even if they are the actual word found in the dictionary. I also speak a certain Tagalog dialect, but I had to change the way I speak from my dialect to the standard one just so people won't find it weird whenever I speak.

    My answer is too long, I'm sorry.


    "Nanood ko na iyan."

    Napanood ko na yun.

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