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What's my name?!


I have a small question about my name! I have two names ( one is my main name, and one is the name my friends call me by that ). One is " Titi " which means " blossom " in a dialect, and one is " Tayyebe " which is an Arabic name that means " good, clear, clean, scented " ( various meanings!! )

Are there any Korean female names based on these meanings? If there are, can someone please let me know what are they? :) For some reasons, I need to translate my name!

Thanks in advance! :)

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    Blossom can be translated to 꽃이 피다 (flower blooms) as a verb. There are Korean words that can relate to the word flower, blooming, spring such as 송이(measure word for flowers), 나리(a kind of a flower), 늘봄(always spring), 진이(shortened from the word 진달래 which is a kind of a flower), 봄이/봄/보미(spring) and these are all very feminine and Korean names. Good, clear, clean, scented are translated to 맑은, 깨끗한, 깔끔한, 청결한, 향기로운, 내음의, 향수의. These words can make up names like 맑음(clear), 향이, 수향. I can't think of a lot with these though.

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