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i negoziati che tra il 1985 e il 1994 hanno impegnato i paesi aderenti al GATT

1 cosa significa?

2 aderente al e' una locuzione?

3 quattro ore ho impegnato per andare da Roma a Udine

la frase e' giusto? why put 'quattro ore' in front of impegare?

piu' naturale : ho impegnato 4ore per.....

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    1. The negotiations that, between 1985 and 1994, bound the signatory nations to the GATT. (1985年至1994年間約束GATT締約國之談判)。

    2. i paesi aderenti al GATT = the nations (that are) signatories to the GATT

    3. I think the reason for putting "three hours" in front is the same reason we do it in English - "For three hours we trekked to Rome" emphasizes the three hours that we spent getting to Rome.

    :) I hope this was helpful, and again, this is only my guess!

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