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Sometimes when you browse some Korean stuff in internet you encounter the Hanja versions of things along with their hangul forms. I was wondering is there any area that is still using Hanja? If so, why? Otherwise, to what extent do you learn hanja in Korea? I had heard that an amount of it is taught in schools!

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    Well, Hanja or Hanmoon we call for the chinese charater has been learnt as a subject after primary school for the next 6years for middle and high school in Korea, at least in my school days. Nowadays, the frequency of hanja used in Korea is rare and getting decreased, and they just learn as a subject like English or the other subjects of school curriculum, but hardly used out of school. However, even if we use our unique character Korean, many of words are from Chinese in meaning, and similar sound of them at some point. That's why you may find similar words in among Chinese, Japan, and Korean.

    it's simple, Hangul is sound characters.
    hanja(chinese characters)is meaning characters.
    we can know meaning of hanja words written by Hangul by contexts, but if we want to know more accurately, we should know chinese characters.

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