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What diffrent between ㄱ

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ㄱ & ㅋ ?and how to pronounce these ㅃ ㅉ ㄸ ㄲ ㅆ

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    ㄱ is g like 학교 hag-gyo but you pronounce it like hakyo (if you found out the batchim ㄱ meet the same letter ㄱ so you should pronounce it like ㅋ
    ㅋ is k like 키스 kiseu you pronounce it kiseu

    ㅃ p
    ㄸ t
    ㄲ k
    ㅆ ss

    I just try to answer your question, I know this is not perfect , but I hope a little bit helpful :)

    ㄱ is pronounced as g, which means 가 is gha.
    ㅋ is pronounced as k, so 카 is ka.
    ㅃ= bb
    ㄸ= dd
    ㄲ= gg
    ㅆ= x (ss)

    - ㄱ can be either a soft k, or a g if it's between two vowels.
    - ㅋ only has one sound, a stronger k than ㄱ

    ㅃ ㅉ ㄸ ㄲ ㅆ are really difficult to explain, is like holding your tongue for a second trying to say the letter, and then releasing it. But you need to hear it to actually understand it.

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