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how long will it take to speak everyday farsi? I found myself make no progress

I've learned Farsi on "" for two weeks, and I spent 2 hours a day to study online. But I still couldn't say much daily farsi expressions. I'd like to ask is it normal for a beginner to learn Farsi? And I also found it boring to just remember new words of actually no use in daily spoken Farsi, for example: lots of verbs like shokestan, gereftan, bastan, nevashtan and so on. I found it easy to remember nouns rather than verb. Could anyone please help me?

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    Persian is very lyrical and easy to learn. I recommend you to learn grammars of Persian then start studying vocabulary. When you know grammar you can make new sentences. You can even make it like a game with rules! Put the new words in the correct place! That's gonna be interesting! This is the way I learnt Persian. You can also improve your vocabulary-in-use by watching Persian subtitled Farsi movies. That can improve your listening skills as well!


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