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Urdu main kesi kehty hain?

How do you say these words in Urdu?

Tell me some examples in Urdu and Roman Urdu, please.


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    Thank you for asking such interesting Question.
    Can: Kia. "Kia, mai ye kaam kar sakta hoon ? ( Can I do this work ?)
    May: Kia. "Kia, mai aap ka naam pooch sakta hoon? ( May I know your name, please"? )
    Should: Kia. "Kia, mai jaa sakta hoon ? ( Should, I leave now ? )
    Shall: Kia " Kia, ham race shroo karan ? ( Shall, we start the race ?)

    can- to be able to - 'sakna'.

    'May' is also the same verb.

    should is 'chahiye'.

    use of shall will make the verb in future tense.

    For use of these words for asking questions, Mr. Javaid's answer is fine.

    i can go - main jaa sakta hoon.

    can/may i go?
    kya main ja sakta hoon?

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