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Behzat C

So I'm watching Behzat C, Behzat is drinking... and the bottle is blurred out, censored. WTF?

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    welcome to our world :)

    i know it is surprising for u, but the current government is sensitive about religious orders. Thus they try to reduce alcohol consumption. For example, they limited the places where alcohol can be sold. they increased taxes, and changed some other laws so that people will be discouraged from consuming them.

    another example is about marriage. i mean, the censor is not only related to alcohol consumption. in that TV series, behzat was living together with a female prosecutor and they were not married. the government warned the proper people about that and the couple decided to get married.

    do you know that there is a french originated TV series "une femme et un homme", "bir kadin bir erkek" in turkish. although they are not married in original scenario, in turkey they decided to get married :)

    after all, government was pressuring the scenario writers and fined them or suspended the series etc and that series had do be ended, although many people were supporting the series.

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