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When we use"" as"" in english ???

For example as well as
As much as .
I dont know about these ,

thank you for your helping .

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    As ميتواند معاني مختلفي داشته باشد
    ١-به معناي "به همان اندازه كه"
    As you drink milk you stay healthy.
    به همان اندازه كه شير مينوشيد سلامت ميمانيد.

    ٢-براي بيان دليل كاري، به معناي "چونكه"
    As I was in a hurry I took a taxi.
    چون عجله داشتم تاكسي گرفتم

    ٣-به معناي "همانطور كه"
    As the teacher taught us.
    همانطور كه معلم به ما درس داد.

    ٤-به معناي "مانند" كه معمولاً با such مي آيد
    Carbon such as Graphite
    كربن مانند گرافيت

    ٥-با بعضي از ساختارهاي دستوري زبان انگليسي مي آيد
    This country isn't as big as that country.
    اين كشور به اندازه آن كشور بزرگ نيست.
    You can earn money as much as you want.
    هر چقدر كه دوست داريد ميتوانيد پول در آوريد.

    ٦-اگر با بعضي كلمات بيايد معناي آن را عوض مي كند.
    That kid is smart. He is smart as well.
    آن بچه باهوش است. او نيز باهوش است.
    در اينجا well به as well تبديل شده و به معناي "نيز" مي باشد. همچنين as well as به معناي "نيز" مي باشد.

    ٧-به معناي "به عنوان"
    I work as an employee in Russian embassy in Tehran.
    من به عنوان يك كارمند در سفارت روسيه در تهران مشغول به كار هستم.

    اميدوارم توضيحاتم براي شما مفيد باشد!

    "as" is a preposition word which can be used in many ways.

    She works as a waitress
    I meant it as a joke
    You are not as tall as I am
    As soon as I'm ready
    As she said, this book is new.
    We could have looked at that as well.
    We use this as a replacement for xyz.
    No, it cannot be used as such.

    "as well as" can mean "and" or "also"
    "Anthony and Danny are going to Spain, AS WELL AS Maria and Ashley."

    "As much as" means two things are equal.
    "I like pie AS MUCH AS I like cake"

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