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Where should the sender's address be written?

Xiangzi intends to write a fax to Professor Huniu of Peking University Health Science Center. Is the following fax cover sheet correct?

To: Peking University Health Science Center
Date: April 22, 2013
From: Xiangzi, president of Hainan Medical College
Atten: Professor Huniu

The recipient's adress comes after 'To', while what follows 'From' is the sender's name. Is the place I write the sender's address in correct? Thank you.

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    Yes, after "to," you write the addressee (the person receiving the fax). After "from," you write the sender (the person sending the fax).

    A fax? How quaint! I remember them... ;^p

    Seriously though - in most places I am aware of, the location is irrelevant as long as it is clear.

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