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Can you correct me ? Please I need use "used to"

When I was child, ten years ago, I used to have short hair, big eyes and skinny body. My change most important was my height, I used to measure 130 inches, but now, I measure 170 inches. When I was at school, my friends used to tell me ‘dwarf’ and I used to got sad. Now I can say that I have long hair, ok, medium hair and small eyes.
Concerning to my knowledge I didn´t used to know about communication sense, but Now, I know about it, because I’ve been studying communication and journalism since 2008. Maybe I miss my knowledge about mathematic, because I used to be the best on it, but Now, later of 5 years, I forget it. However I can say that I am an excellent communicator. How did I use to be with my family and my friends? I love to my mother, I’ve ever loved to her, I used to be much time with her, I used to help in my house, I used to advise to my friends and cousin. I remember so well, I used to be very speaker. Any new place, I used to converse with someone.

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    Hi. Your use of 'used to' is correct.
    However you have used it too much, and it seems repetitive. I guess that's OK if it is just an exercise. The rest of your grammar is not great though. Perhaps post it as a notebook so that people can help you correct it there?

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