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an, a, the

last week I bought a book by Jonh Peter Sloan for learn english.
I read the first chapter talk about indefinite and definite article (a,an,the)
now I try to make some exercises to translation
1) Concy è a casa. Concy it's at home
2) vado al lavoro con l'autobus. I go to work by bus
3) lascio sempre i miei libri all'università. I always leave my book at university
4) torno dal pub a piedi. I return to the pub on foot
5) la mia giacca è al lavoro. my jacket it's at work
6) io prendo il treno per arrivare alla chiesa. I get the train to arrive at the church
7) per andare al college vado a piedi. to get to college I go on foot
8) sono a due minuti da casa. I'm at two minutes to home
9) io lavoro da casa. I work to home
10) vado a letto perché sono tornato da scuola a piedi. I go to bed because I'm return to school on foot
I'm not very sure to chose the right answer :)

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    1. Concy IS at home. 2. Perfect! 3. I always leave my bookS at THE university. 4. (dal means from, right?) I return from the pub on foot. (or, I walk back from the pub) 5. My jacket IS at work. 6. I TAKE the train to GO to church. (It sounds better to say "go to church" than "arrive at church") 7. I (usually) walk to college (sounds more natural than "to go to college I walk") 8. I am two minutes from home. 9. I work from home. 10. I'm going to bed because I walked back from school.

    Hope this helps!

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