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Difference between "шел" and "ходил"

Can anyone tell me the difference between, "шел" and "ходил"? Also I want to learn the difference between "ехал" and "ездил".

As far as I understand, we use "ходил" for going on foot and "ездил" for going by a vehicle (like a car or a bus etc). The corresponding words in present tense (for the first person singular) are "иду" and "еду" respectively. Is it correct?

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    Различие между обоими вариантами заключается в следующем: "ходил" имеет значение «туда и обратно», т.е. указывает на движение не в одном направлении, а "шел" обозначает только «туда», т.е. указывает на движение в одном направлении.
    "Я ходил вчера на работу. – Я немного задержался, когда шел вчера на работу"
    The difference between the two embodiments is as follows: "walked" is set to "back and forth", that is indicates a movement in more than one direction, and "walking" is only "go", that is indicates a movement in one direction.
    I apologize for the translation into English. I do not know very well English.

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