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What's the difference among..

I went home
I went back home
I was back home
I came back home

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    Came and went have basically the same meaning, with the exception being the locational focus. That is, if you WENT somewhere, that's stressing that you left the place you were in to go to a less important or common place. If you CAME somewhere, that means that you were at a less important place and you then returned to the really important one (like, for example, your home).

    So, let's say you live in Rome, and you traveled for a week to Moscow. You would say, "I went to Moscow, and then I came back home."

    But now let's say that you USED to live in Rome for many years, and then you MOVED to Moscow for, say, six months in 2005 before returning back to Rome until the present day. "I came to Russia in 2005, and then I went back home after six months."

    It's a difficult concept to describe on its own, but I think these examples will help.

    As for "was back home", that has a totally different meaning. It's describing your location at a current time with no reference at all to your moving habits. Let's say you were pulled in for police questioning, and they said, "Where were you on May 19th?!" If you stayed home that night watching a movie, you'd respond with something like, "I was back at home, eating popcorn and watching 'Lord of the Rings'."

    So in fewer words:

    I went home= You traveled to home, which was a less important place than wherever you were staying before.

    I went back home= Same general meaning as the first one. However, this sentence would almost never, ever be used, so just ignore it.

    I was back home= You were staying at your house at a particular point in time. It's better to write this sentence as "I was at home" instead.

    I came back home= You were returning to your home, which was a more important place than wherever you were staying before. "I came home" has the same general meaning, but unlike "I went/I went back...", both of these sentences can be used.

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